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Tom Slade On A Transport

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Percy Keese Fitzhugh was a very popular 20th century American author who wrote over 100 kids books, many of which are still read by young readers today.

Transport Processes In Macroscopically Disordered Media 2017

RRP $491.99

Transport Processes in Macroscopically Disordered Media: From Mean Field Theory to Percolation reflects on recent advances in the understanding of percolation systems to present a wide range of transport phenomena in inhomogeneous disordered systems. Further developments in the theory of macroscopically inhomogeneous media are also addressed. These developments include galvano-electric, thermoelectric, elastic properties, 1/f noise and higher current momenta, Anderson localization, and harmonic generation in composites in the vicinity of the percolation threshold.

The book describes how one can find effective characteristics, such as conductivity, dielectric permittivity, magnetic permeability, with knowledge of the distribution of different components constituting an inhomogeneous medium. Considered are a wide range of recent studies dedicated to the elucidation of physical properties of macroscopically disordered systems.

This book contains a straightforward set of useful tools which will allow the reader to derive the basic physical properties of complicated systems together with their corresponding qualitative characteristics and functional dependencies.

Glossary For The Worldwide Transportation Of Dangerous Goods And Hazardous Materials

RRP $271.99

The laws & regulations governing the shipment of hazardous goods vary from country to country. International regulations are effective for sea & air transport (IMDG, IATA). These regulations, however, include specific trade & technical terms not generally understood by shippers. Written by principal environmental scientists for a premier environmental engineering firm, the "Glossary" describes accurately & without jargon the regulations surrounding the shipping of dangerous goods around the world. It provides the shippers with a handy source to identify their materials & correlate them to regulatory references.


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