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Jim Nasium Is A Football Fumbler

RRP $11.95

Ten-year-old Jim Nasium is desperate to live up to his name and find the perfect sport to suit his yet-to-be-discovered skills! This time Jim is trying his luck on the gridiron. But how can Jim test his football skills when his schoolyard enemies are all on the starting line-up? When a late-game injury takes a player off the field, it's up to Jim Nasium, backup quarterback, to win the championship game! Will Jim's Hail Mary pass bring his team to victory, or leave him a football disgrace?

Coaching High School Football - A Brief Handbook For High School And Lower Level Football Coaches

RRP $35.00

From offense to defense to special teams, blocking tackling, throwing, running and catching the ball, Coaching High School Football covers it all in this easy to understand manual that includes dozens of play-book diagrams.

Kb: A Life In Football

RRP $29.99

A first-person account of Kevin Bartlett's career as a player coach, media identity and football guardian.

What was it like to play in five premiership teams in 13 years, coach a club that was flat broke and even have the laws of the game changed because of the way he played the game? Why did he part the club amid tremendous acrimony and why did he not return for more than 15 years?

And what was the story behind the lace up jumpers? All of this and more will be explained in his memoir.


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