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Dealing With Clients' Emotional Problems In Life Coaching

RRP $257.99

This book is a comprehensive guide for life coaches on how to react and adapt when emotional problems get in the way of coaching. Windy Dryden uses rational-emotive cognitive behaviour therapy techniques to offer advice on:

  • when it is and is not appropriate to work on emotional problems
  • when the coach should refer the client to someone else, such as a psychotherapist or counsellor
  • how to use RECBT to help clients with their emotional problems within a life coaching context
  • at what point it is sensible to begin coaching again.

Dealing with Clients' Emotional Problems in Life Coaching will be a valuable resource for all those involved in life coaching.

The Coaching Secret - The Ugly Truth

RRP $16.99

M A. Grant is an international leadership expert who is a well respected pioneer of Values Based Leadership. He has developed these proven coaching techniques, having worked alongside the industry leaders. He reveals the secrets that other "coaches" really don't want you to know. A brutal, at times humorous, but always honest reflection of coaching, it is an unique expose of modern-day techniques that tell the ugly truth about coaching.

How To Build A Business Coaching Service Business (special Edition)

RRP $18.99

In clear, easy-to-grasp language, the author covers many of the topics that you will need to know in order to launch and run a successful business venture.


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