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Stance and swing 7 tips for better golf power

Golf is a sport that requires you to correct and change things with almost every shot in search of the perfect shot. So many things come into the perfect shot that for one person to master them all can take a lifetime so we all need to take and find advice where we can, reading can never take the place of playing a round or two but when you are unable to get to the course then learning is the next best thing, here are a few tips that I hope will improve your power and accuracy which in tern will improve your game.

1. If you are looking at a golfer who is swaying on his downswing them you are really looking at an average golfer, Your hips should move in a slightly lateral movement and start the club down, the right arm needs to be tighter into the body, all this should remove the swaying on your downswing and increase your power.

2. Stop flipping your hands it is an annoying and bad habit that you will need to stop if you are going to take full advantage of the stored energy, keep your hands cocked you get a nice bit of lag.

3. One problem that golfers slip into are having their hands too high at the finish, this undoes a lot of good work from your good stance, robs you of power and produces a week finish. You need to allow your body to come through naturally have your hips rotated over your left leg and allow your right heal to come off the ground.

4. If you understand how your shoulders turn then it might get you thinking about it when you take your shot and the proper shoulder turn can improve power and accuracy in your golf game. If you are thinking that it is the length of your back swing that gives you the power you are wrong, you are after a stretch in your backswing, as this will create a coil effect. The power then comes on the downswing when you release that entire muscle coil that you have created.

5. If your chin is going to rest on your chin when you are addressing the ball you are never going to be able to swing your left arm across your body during the backswing. If the natural path is blocked then you must find another way around to complete the swing and this will cause you to make other mistakes like little or no weight shift to your right hand side this in turn causes a narrow backswing. You will then chop through the ball rather than sweeping through it, do just one simple mistake can cause all those problems, and at least it is a simple one to cure.

6. Impact indicator this is a great product that you spray onto your golf club head that lets you see where the ball and club are meeting, then you can adjust your stance and swing until you are constantly able to find the sweet spot. Are you too heavy handed, pushing your tee too far into the ground can cause the ball to sit too low and this means that you then tend to hit the ball to high. The good news it that this is a simple problem to solve and the improvement to your game is immediate. Raise the tee the so that half the golf ball is over the top of the driver head.


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