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Achieving The Perfect Golf Swing Drill

The perfect golf swing drill is a joy to behold. And yet it is not too hard to achieve. The perfect golf swing drill starts with a proper back swing with the golf club swung right back to the limit o........ Read More

Golf Tournaments - An Insight

Once upon a time, the world’s best golfers were all British – usually Scottish. Since the early twentieth century, though, most of the leading golfers have been American. For this reason, the big........ Read More

Making Your Program Golf Specific

"Golf-Specific" means different things to different people. One of the things I have learned from my education and experience in working with elite trainers and golfers is that in order to improve som........ Read More

The Next A Golf Cart

You probably just take them for granted when you play golf, and never think about their origin. I'm talking about golf carts, those miniature vehicles dotting every golf course. However, golf cart pro........ Read More

Golf Putter | Make It Your Best Friend

Choosing the right putter can be the most important decision you make when it comes to your equipment. In fact, the putter is the club you use the most. Choosing the right one is like choosing a best ........ Read More

Do You Want To Play Par Golf?

The key to playing par golf is to focus on more than just golf techniques, and pay attention to your entire body. Fitness is key to any sport, whether you’re running up and down a basketball court, ........ Read More

Golf Injuries: Keeping Safe On The Green

If you enjoy playing lots of golf, chances are that in your lifetime you will have the unfortunate instance of having a golf injury. This article was written with the intent of helping you avoid such ........ Read More

Picking The Right Golf Club In Every Situation

When playing golf, the most important part of the game is to pick the golf club that will work well for the particular situation that you are in. Everything about the course will play a role in deci........ Read More

Planning A Great Golf Vacation To Mexico

If you are thinking about planning a golf vacation to Mexico you are not alone. Mexico is the world's number two golf destination for U.S. golfers. And Mexico is planning on taking the number one sp........ Read More

Shop Online For Your Golf Accessories

Remember the time, not very long ago, when your local golf club store was the shopping mecca for all your golf accessories Now ask any teenage caddy or a twenty-something golf aficionado and they mi........ Read More

The Importance Of Golf Etiquette

There are many rules to the game of golf that are not enforced by penalties. These rules are that of etiquette and respect for other golfers. They are mainly in place for safety and fairness. The game........ Read More

Golf Training Aids

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of different golf training aids on the market these days. Golfers will spend hundreds of dollars on the latest golf gadgets in hopes for a better golf ga........ Read More

Tips In Buying A Golf Ball

Did you know that close to 5000 designs have been developed, approved and patented since the 1990s ? its no wonder then that it is one of the most artfully designed items in the field of sports. Wi........ Read More

Golf Ball

Casual golfers don’t give a lot of thought to choosing the right golf ball. They think of the golf ball as simply a tool that really isn’t important. After all, you’re just whacking it aro........ Read More

Curing Basic Golfing Ailments

Secrets to Fixing the Slice Slicing on the golf course is frustrating, embarrassing, and typically uncontrollable. You stand there helplessly as you watch your ball make its way toward to rough and........ Read More


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