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Golf Swing Aids Aren’t Effective If…

Golf swing aids are rampant! Every golfer has dozens of them gathering dust in their garages or closets. How many wives have threatened a “clearing out” of these contraptions? If you are feeling m........ Read More

Pelican Hill Golf Course

On the Newport Coast, standing high above the Pacific Ocean is one of the best golf courses in the California area. Boasting a very nice golf course, the finest services and amenities, and supe........ Read More

Can You Learn Golf From A Book?

With golf slowly becoming one of the most popular sports around the world, it is only natural that the number of people looking to learn the sport increases as well. With books, videos and even art........ Read More

Tension In Your Golf Swing?

It's often said that you shouldn't have any tension in your swing. This isn't true. You need tension, the thing you don’t need is strength. There's a big difference between the two, and if you ca........ Read More

History Of Golf

For generations, the favorite type of recreation in my family has been golf. I remember being a small child and trailing my great-grandfather, my grandfather and my own father around the golf course n........ Read More

Clone Golf Clubs- Are They Worth It? Part 2

Less Risk- More Cost- Go to a Certified Club Maker/Fitter This is the best approach to obtain high quality clubs that are right for you personally. It is also the best way for most golfers to impro........ Read More

What Senior Golf Pros Still Give Lessons

Many senior golf pros have given lessons and have made a difference in the world of golf for many people. One woman who offers lessons is Michelle Dube in Tijeras Creek. Michelle uses computerized e........ Read More

Why Golf Tips Work Better For The Woman Golfer

Gone are the days when a woman would feel intimidated standing on the same golf course to receive a golf tip side by side with a man. That’s because golf exercise programs have proven that anybody........ Read More

Family Fun Golf Destination:alexandria, Minnesota

Copyright 2006 Dana Buttenhoff As you leave the Twin Cities area and drive northwest on Interstate 94 about 2 hours you come to the beautiful west-central Minnesota town of Alexandria. Along with th........ Read More

Golf Like A Champion On Grand Cayman

While Grand Cayman is known for its beaches and underwater activities, golf is becoming an increasing popular sport with locals and tourists alike. The small island now boasts courses designed by the ........ Read More

Impress Her With The Golf Color - Yellow

Another beautiful day, out on the golf course, and I’m feeling like a million bucks wearing my bright yellow golf shirt, and the girl I want to meet, is just a golf hole ahead of me. There she goes........ Read More

How A Golf Fitness Book Can Transform Your Game

There are so many “so-called” golf fitness books on the market; but when you open them up you see dozens of pictures of golf models sitting on exercise machines in the gym. This is NOT a golf fit........ Read More

Qualities Of Ideal Golf Nets

Time has changed. You no longer have to visit your nearest country club to drive off a few. You could play golf in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is buy golfing materials and install........ Read More

Core Golf Workout For A Power Golf Swing

A core golf workout that produces a power golf swing is one that focuses on rotation. The primary movement in the golf swing is rotating your upper body back, then rotating it through to the finish. ........ Read More

Golf Tournaments - An Insight

Once upon a time, the world’s best golfers were all British – usually Scottish. Since the early twentieth century, though, most of the leading golfers have been American. For this reason, the big........ Read More


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