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Nfl Training Camp - This Is Where Football Begins

As a former NFL player, NFL training camp is where the real work begins, especially for rookies and un-drafted athletes who want to try and make a team. Prior to training camp, you may have been on........ Read More

Playing Fantasy Football And Choosing Top Picks

Fantasy football is a huge industry. Every fall, millions of people around the world participate in the games. Some do it for money, some for just fun, and others for the ever-important bragging right........ Read More

Be A Big Winner With Football Betting Tips

There are many ways in which men can get away with playing with their balls, much to the chagrin of wives and girlfriends, and one of them is when they’re playing football. Football, more commonly k........ Read More

Steroids Used By Football Players?

The use of steroids in sports is not a secret now. The BALCO scandal is eye opener for baseball buffs. The Game of Shadows, a book written by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, reporters for the Sa........ Read More

College Football Betting

College football has been called a pure game. The players are out there on the field playing for glory and school pride. They don’t get paid and many of them are hoping to get a shot at the NFL. Col........ Read More

It’s Time To End The Reign Of The Football Cheats

It’s Germany 2006, another World Cup and another outrageous exhibition of diving, gamesmanship and just downright cheating. The time has come to call a halt on this scandalous behavior and restore ........ Read More

The History Of World Cup Football

The FIFA World Cup (often called the Football World Cup or simply the World Cup) is the most important competition in international football (soccer), and the world's most representative team sport ev........ Read More

New Football Organization Helps You Stay In The Game

Maybe you started playing football when you were 8 years old and never quite lost your love of the game. Perhaps you even went on to play college ball. Whatever level you played, it's a good bet that ........ Read More

How To Bet Nfl Football

The NFL has risen to the front of the line in popularity and one of the main reasons for its success is betting. NFL Odds can be found everywhere from newspapers, computers, and on the ticker on ESPN......... Read More

Football Q&a: Little Known Pro Football Facts

* First of all, from where did the name ‘football’ originate? Based on its history, it was the Greeks who had first played the football called harpaston. In the United States, it was called foot ........ Read More

Love Fantasy Football? Learn How It All Started

The history of fantasy football actually began several years before the first fantasy team was selected. Although the exact details seem to differ according to who is telling the story, there is no d........ Read More

Football Gambling Line Statistics

When gambling on football you must look at the football gambling line statistics . Football game lines are set by casinos to try and split the action down the middle. Football point spreads are not u........ Read More

Football Scholarships And Football Recruiters

As high school athletes your likelihood of getting college football scholarships is determined as much by being in the right place at the right time as it is by your playing skills. College recruiter........ Read More

When Football Hurts

It does not matter if you are a girl or a boy, old or young --- Football is a sport for everyone. In some European countries, almost every school has a football team of their own. Football is a popul........ Read More

Big East Football: A Big Folly?

The Big East Football Conference is in the midst of experiencing its biggest changes since its founding in 1991. Gone are perennial powers Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College as well as league do........ Read More


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